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Sophisticated weaving structure inspired by hand stitched lines to bring out the feeling comfort of home, this never before seen innovative design with different thicknesses to mimic the feel of real embroidered stitches on each plank to provide unparalleled durability, intricate designs to any space, from the boardrooms to the bedrooms.



TILE SIZE: 500mm x 500mm
500mm x 1000mm
TOTAL THICKNESS:  3.0mm (Dryback)
5.0mm (Loose Lay)
FRAYING Frayproof
COATING Cleanguard PU




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We are experts in Luxury Vinyl Planks, Carpet Tiles and the latest trending resilient product, Hybrid flooring. Our experts keep up to date with all technical specifications and BCA requirements. To order samples or discuss a commercial project, please enquire via the button below.

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