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Magnet - 1302
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Tough and unique woven texture the Vintage range create surface interest with its striations of line to accentuate the pattern for a chic upgrade from the common textile visual. With its dark brown colour tone, Vintage is a great choice to add a natural and rustic feel to any space.



TILE SIZE: 500mm x 500mm
500mm x 1000mm
TOTAL THICKNESS:  3.0mm (Dryback)
5.0mm (Loose Lay)
FRAYING Frayproof
COATING Cleanguard PU




revit texture files

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We are experts in Luxury Vinyl Planks, Carpet Tiles and the latest trending resilient flooring “Pure Hybrid”. Our experts keep up to date with all technical specifications and BCA requirements. To order samples, please register for an account.

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You can view a list of retail stores via our store locator. Any of our retailers can help you with pricing and quoting as well as recommendations for the best flooring options for your project.

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