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Little Grubb's Orchard Revamp

Little Grubb's Orchard Revamp

Project Brief


Little Grubbs Orchard (LGO) is a therapy centre located in Southport, Queensland. LGO provides a range of services for children and families impacted by Autism, ADHD, and Global Development Delay, as well as disabilities, special needs, and challenging behavioural issues. LGO offers behavioural support, occupational therapy, and therapeutic programs for communication and language to help children and families improve their quality of life and achieve their full potential.


The LGO's clinic was outdated and cramped, with little storage and not enough therapy rooms. They needed to create a more functional and welcoming environment for their clients and staff. As part of a full revamp of the clinic, LGO decided to replace the old, outdated flooring throughout their clinic with a more functional and aesthetically pleasing solution that would be easy to clean and hygienic for their therapy programs.


After researching various flooring options, LGO chose to install Siena XL hybrid planks in the colour Whitewash Oak. Siena XL hybrid planks are a high-quality flooring solution that provides the durability and ease of maintenance LGO was looking for. The installation process was completed by The Carpet Man who removed the old flooring and installed the new planks to create a seamless, professional look.




Project Specifications

Project:  Little Grubb’s Orchard Clinic

Completion Date: 2023

Commercial Sector: Health, Education

Location:  Southport, QLD

Products: Siena XL Hybrid Flooring– Whitewash Oak


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